What Are Cap Carriers?


Cap carrier also called as: hat carrier, hat case, cap case, baseball hat organizer bag, baseball cap holder, the carrying case for caps.

Cap carrier is a type of case which can put in baseball cap in it, cap carrier can protect the baseball cap from dust and crash or dent.

The hat carrier material is EVA, this material is very solid, so no risk of crushing the caps and the ventilation holes allow air to circulate inside.

For maintenance it’s super simple, you just need to wipe a cloth over it from time to time.

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 1, What are the types of cap carrier?

Base on the numbers of baseball caps that can be accommodated, a few common carrier cap types is listed below:

2PK cap carrier, can hold 2 or 3 baseball caps in the case.

6PK cap carrier, can hold 6 or 7 baseball caps in the case.

12PK cap carrier, can hold 12 or 13 baseball caps in the case.

24PK cap carrier, can hold 24 or 26 baseball caps in the case.

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2, What are the parts of a hat carrier?

Today’s basic hat carrier consists of the following parts:


The body of hat carrier

The body of hat carrier is usually made of pressure-resistant EVA material and this material is washable, can protect your baseball cap well.


Ventilation holes

6 ventilation holes ensure good airs circulation, it will appear bad smell in the ball cap organizer if no ventilation holes.

Two metal rings on the handle, which allow attachment to a suitcase or backpack

The rubberized grip is comfortable and easy to hold.

The elegant customized logo embossing on the case ensures a cool look.



3, Cap carrier brand

With great popularity in baseball cap fans and cap lovers, baseball cap holder comes a large market with a lot of different brands and manufacturers.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the best baseabll hat holder brands on the market today to help you make a decision on your first or next order of the ball cap organizer .


3.1, New Era Cap Carrier

New Era cap carrier, of course, it is the NO1, and top quality cap carrier, you can find 2PK cap carrier, 6PK cap carrier, 24PK cap carrier in New Era. Most cap carrier imitates the New Era cap carrier in the market.










3.2, Homiegear cap carrier

Homiegear cap holder, the same quality with New Era hat carrier, you can find 2PK cap holder, 6PK cap holder, 12PK hat holder, 24PK cap holder in Homiegear.

Homiegear 12PK cap carrier is unique and New Era do not have 12PK travel baseabll hat organizer.


3.3, Lids cap carrier

Lids cap carrier, different shape baseball hat holder compared with New Era baseball hat holder, with good quality.

As far as we know, you only can find 2PK baseabll hat organizer and 6PK baseabll hat organizer in Lids



4, Considerations before purchasing

Your favorite baseball cap needs the best hat storage carrying case to keep it protected.

Some are lucky to get a travel baseabll hat organizer when they purchase snap back caps while others are not.

Perhaps you do not have one and you need one then your buying decision may be influenced by certain factors.

Here are some of the features or factors that you might consider before purchasing the baseball cap holder.



What is the price of the baseball hat holder you want to buy?  Does it limit your budget?

The price of a product is the first to consider before anything else. Do some research on the brands, specs and the prices available before purchase?

You will find that there is a big difference between the lowest prices and the highest prices of different brands or hat carriers.




The material of a hat travel case is quite crucial, because it will determine much of the way whether it can protect the baseball hat well.

Bad EVA material smells terrible, very strong odors of paint or chemicals.

You have to choose the best material that will offer protection for your baseball hat holders.

Does it have a soft or hard lining inside? Is it made of waterproof material?

Is the exterior made of a hard shell exterior? Is the zip a water-sealing model? Is the zip long-lasting?

Such factors should be considered before purchasing a travel baseabll hat organizer.



Potentially easy to overlook, the colour of a baseball cap holder is crucial.

Some ball cap organizer, only comes in a couple colour,  some special color fabric should be customized made, and you should reach the travel baseabll hat organizer MOQ.




The baseball cap storage case material should be made of good quality to ensure durability and to provide the necessary protection to your baseball hat.

The hard shell casing ensures durability and protection of the snap back cap.

The durability of the case guarantees a long life-span of the case and the baseball cap.

The durability of the case enables the baseball hat storage carrying case to withstand regular use without compromising the intended protection of the baseball cap.



Some people will go for a particular brand they like and others will go for a brand that is known in the market.

Brands do matter if you want to stand out in the crowd. Baseball cap holder brands such as New Era and Lids.

However, some consumers will not only look at the brand but also consider the price and the features.

In fact, some baseball cap brands also import hat carriers from China factory. This China factory makes good quality baseball hat holder, and make OEM production.

It is advisable before buying a product you will need to check its features.



Design and style

Are you want to buy baseball cap holder that will display your fashion taste?

Some model hat cases and designs have a stylish element meant to impress and others the brand’s name just sells it.

Some travel baseabll hat organizer styles are unique, such as:  Homiegear 12PK baseabll hat organizer, Lids 6PK cap carrier and New Era 24PK hat case.

When purchasing a baseball cap carrying case, you might consider the color and design.


5, Summary

Like most things in life, when it comes to choosing the right hat carriers, you get what you pay for.

Considering how you plan to use your baseball hat holder is also critical in pinpointing the right model.

And if you’re still not sure which hat storage case is suit for you, or if you have a question we didn’t answer, or a unique situation — do not hesitate to pick up the phone or send a email to us.

Seriously, we live for helping customers make great choices, whatever the budget or situation.

The way we see it: when we do right by you, whether now, next year, or even years after a sale, you’re going to come back.

And probably more than once. Eventually, we’re on a first name basis…



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