Structure Of The Black Hat Box

My brother love the baseball caps and snapabck caps very much, and own a lot of them, we call him as cap collectors. But he always worry about the caps often break or dent when traveling.
I recommend the black hat box to him, after using it, he can carry more caps when traveling and not have to worry about how to store them.

But New Era black hat box is too expensive, so I find a china supplier to make the hat box for him.

The black hat box offers cap wearers and lovers the possibility of easy transport, storage and protection for up to 6 caps.
And the black hat box protect baseball caps from being crushed or mistreated or dirty。

Now let us talk about the structure of the hat box.

The black hat box is made of pressure-resistant EVA material and is washable, 6 ventilation holes ensure good air circulation.
The black hat box can be opened easily thanks to the double zipper.
Another special feature are two metal rings on the handle, which allow attachment to a suitcase or backpack.  The rubberized grip is comfortable and easy to hold.  The elegant customized logo embossing on the case ensures a cool look.

You can see the black hat box accessories (check the pictures): Grommet, interior angled strap, D-Ring, handle, handle strap, zipper and zipper slider.

Usually, the client can put their logo on the front side of the black hat box, or put the logo on the zipper slider. Some clients also insert a Care Label in the black hat box.

The hat box is must for everyone who has a few more caps at home and appreciates each one! Additionally, you can use it to pack socks, underwear or some clothes in the black hat box, not only for caps collection.
The black hat box has good quality and sleek and lots of carrying options, can carry on your your shoulder or attach to a bag.

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