Whether you’re having a bad hair day or are just looking for that one staple item to finish a look, you’re considering an accessory to top it off. One hat staple that every person can agree on is that a baseball-style hat can finish off any look, and has been seen on the likes of North West to Hillary Clinton and President Trump.

But the counterpart to fitted “dad hats” is the ever-popular snapback that has been a wardrobe staple for millions of Americans since the Brooklyn Excelsiors made them popular in 1958. Read on to discover the differences between the snapback vs fitted look, and explore the options that are right for you.

Snapback hat: what is it?

It is a 6-panel cap known for its wide flat brim.

They come with an adjustable fitting snap on the backside; thus, making these hats one-size-fit-all.

It is the sticker that makes snapback hats easy to recognize.

Something else, you can easily brand these hats and keep necks turning everywhere you go rocking them on your head.

Fitted hat: what is it?

Their brim is almost flat and that is where they deviate from their snapback brothers.

Fitted hats got their name from the fact that you cannot adjust them. You just buy a size that fits your head.

There is no one-size-fits-all scenario with fitted hats.

Snapback vs fitted hats: the battle of the baseball cap family

Now it is the time things get a little spicy, as these two hats take a punch of each other.

Let’s see who goes down first.

  • Styling difference

Snapbacks are well known for their versatility. They don’t pick and choose outfits; they can go with any outfit choice.

If you want that street swag style, saying you are the king/queen of what you do, just snap-it-back any day.

The first argument for fitted hats is that they do not feature the plastic enclosure at the back.

Really? We thought the enclosure is what gives snapbacks their style edge and why big stars like Jay-Z cannot resist them.

Anyway, that is our opinion and it is not the gospel truth.

The lack of enclosure on fitted hats gives them a cleaner round finish.

That is quite a plus if you are looking for custom hats.

  • Fashion relevance and endurance

There is a long rich history of snapback hats.

They became popular in the ’90s and have not looked back since then.

The pop culture would not be as we know if it were it not for snapbacks.

They came and took over the scenes and remained true to that cause.

Today, snapback caps are on a resurgence that is going to keep them at the helm of hat fashion for a long time.

Like it or hate it, snapbacks are going to be around longer as long as hip-hop culture is going to keep ruling entertainment circles. No debate about that.

Fitted hats may have come into the fashion scenes way before the snapback.

But they relaxed and the crown was taken from them and it is never coming back.

For that throwback feeling, fitted hats are still the undisputed options. But that is as far as it goes.

You do not expect the young heads to put on an old school cap over their head and go to a club.

Forget about it. Only old heads still trust the fitted caps. About popularity in the modern fashion space, snapbacks are more relevant and will outlive the fitted caps.

We could be wrong, but things look gloomy for a fitted hat resurgence ever happening in the future.

  • The wildcard edge

Anything in your wardrobe can go with a snapback.

Yes, try it now and you will be getting looks of admiration on the streets.

Of course, snapbacks are not the boldest fashion pieces, but they have a way to fit in all occasions.

They don’t choose color, shape, or event; they are ready for anything you throw at their way.

On the flip side, fitted caps are not so common in social scenes. Why?

They are a bit choosy about what you can pair them up with.

While you have the flexibility to wear what feels great on you and top it up with a fitted hat, you may want to exercise some caution not to look like a clown.

All in all, fitted caps are pretty flexible as long as you know how to accessorize.

How to Store and Protect a Snapback cap or Fitted cap

If you own a Snapback cap or a Fitted cap, you need to learn how to take care of it.
If you don’t and mishandle your hat, it won’t last as long as it should.
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If you can’t determine the “better” type between snapback vs fitted, why not try both?

A snapback has more room and a wider and flatter brim, that could work on occasions when you are exposed to the sun for extended hours.

A fitted on the other hand fits in well with almost any event you are attending, even if you are just visiting the farmer’s market or heading out for some errands.

Use our fitted hat style guide to get more inspiration when exploring the snapback vs fitted trend.