Should we keep the baseball cap sticker?

Should we keep the baseball cap sticker

It’s a question that comes up every time when you buy a baseball cap, “Does the sticker should be kept on top of the visor?” To be honest, there is no definite answer, it is a question of taste, of style …
In many cases, keeping the sticker is a way of proving that you own a genuine product and not a copy. Indeed, the market is flooded with poor quality and counterfeit products. It is not uncommon to find in certain markets in France or in authentic stores abroad perfect copies of major brand products.

This baseball cap sticker was invented by the New Era brand for its legendary cap, The 59fifty….
In 1934, New Era entered the baseball world and popularized the baseball cap by defining all the codes we know today.

The sticker is now available on all New Era, 9Fifty, 39Fifty, 9Twenty and 9Forty branded caps.
A bit like on clothing labels, we find on this sticker the reference of the snapback cap and this allows them to be recognized very easily.

It’s not just New Era cap that apply stickers, many baseball cap brands have adopted code in reference to this pioneer of the baseball cap.

Should we keep the baseball cap sticker


There is a rumor that the original reason why people kept the sticker on their snapback cap was to show that it has been stolen from the shop. This way they’ll earn some sort of street cred from their peers because they are wearing some fresh stolen cap from the store. The sticker represent their hood level in some way.

Over time, this movement become a fashion statement fronted by the rappers on MTV.
Singers like Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco, 50 Cent frequently appeared in their music videos wearing baseball caps where they had kept the stickers on it.
This trend stems directly from the Ghetto culture.

Its generally being adopted by teenage all around the world without them knowing. Only reason most of them are keeping it because they saw their idol wears it on the screen.

Should we keep the baseball cap sticker

The other reason to keep the stickers on the snapback cap is to keep it clean.
Indeed, we often need to readjust our cap, but our hands are not always clean. The legend says that for this reason, in the ghettos of the United States, they keep the stickers so as not to dirty our cap.
When you want to readjust your cap, you put your fingers on the stickers above and below the visor to manipulate it.
This avoids putting traces of grease or dust on his precious headgear.

There are also cap collectors or farsighted people who immediately peel off the stickers from the cap after purchase and store them in a sticker book.
This allows you to either have a collection of stickers, Or being able to glue them back on occasion to have the “fresh” style.

Should we keep the baseball cap sticker

Should we keep the baseball cap sticker

But the truth about the sticker, not many people really know. In fact, when New Era created the 59 Fifty, in order to remember their cap size, American consumers started to keep the sticker.
Indeed, the 59Fifty has 20 different sizes! Today, all you have to do is take a photo of the sticker to remember it !!!!

Now that you know the truth, you can keep it or take it off, but you know why the cap sticker was created !!!

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Should we keep the baseball cap sticker