How to Wash a Cap Carrier (the Right Way) | Real Simple


If you own a flexfit hat or a snapback cap, you need to learn how to take care of it.

If you don’t and mishandle your hat, it won’t last as long as it should.

Usually, we use cap carrier to store the flexfit or snapback hat.

We know how to clean the snapback hat if the hat is dirty or sweaty mess, but how to clean the cap carrier?

What Are Cap Carrier?


First, we shoud know What are cap carrier?

 Cap carrier also called as: hat carrier, hat case, baseball cap case.

Cap carrier is a type of case which can put in baseball cap in it, cap carrier can protect the baseball cap from dust and crash or dent. 

In order to maintain the shape of your hat and keep it as good as new, we use cap carrier to store the baseball cap.

The hat carrier material is EVA, this material is very solid, so no risk of crushing the caps and the ventilation holes allow air to circulate inside.


How To Clean A Cap Carrier?



Although the cap carrier main material is not cloth, EVA material is anticorrosive and waterproof to some extent.If dirty is not too serious, it can be cleaned well.

it is recommended that you can use a towel dipped in laundry detergent to wipe, which works best.

If the cloth and EVA material used in your EVA storage bag are relatively high quality and reach a certain thickness, there would be no damage after you wash it.



After washing the hat carrier with water, sucking moisture, place it in a ventilated and cool place to dry naturally or blow it dry with a dryer.
However the cap carrier cannot be exposed to the sun, otherwise the cap carrier will be deformed.

Be careful, the cap carrier that is not dried will be moldy or corroded.

No need to filling the cap carrier with newspaper, an upside-down bowl, or a bunched-up towel for keeping the cap holder shape.

Because the cap carrier is EVA material, this material is very tough, do not be crushed and confined。



However, there are some issues you need to note during the cleaning process.
For example, do not use brush or other sharp hard tools because that will make flannelette, PU or any other outer material damage, over time it will affect the appearance of cap carrier.