How To Choose Best Headphone Case in 2022


What is Headphone Case?

A headphone case is a portable accessory that can be used to store your headphones, headsets, earbuds, in-ear monitors, and more.
You’ll find a wide range of headphone cases on the market these days; different colors, different sizes, different compatibilities, and so on.
Therefore, finding the right headphone case can be a daunting task.

Why do we need a Hard Headphone Case?

Headphones are expensive. Their price can go up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars! (such as: Sennheiser headphone case, Bose headphone case)  

You may not think about it when you decide on buying them, but accidents do happen and products get damaged from time to time.

Not all headphone manufacturers provide a Hard-Shell Headphone Case headphone case when you purchase their headphones.
Some will give you a flimsy carry bag, but that is hardly what you might call protection.

There’s nothing more upsetting than dipping into your bag and pulling out your earphones or headphones only to find a broken headband, cracked earbud, snapped cable, or missing ear tips.
Even the most careful individual will eventually damage their headphones through daily use.

You spent a lot of money picking up the perfect headphones; now it’s now time to protect your investment with a headphone carrying case.


Advantages of Using Headphone Cases

The headphone cases from good brands are manufactured keeping in mind the needs of customers.
You can expect to get the following advantages if you buy from a reputed brand.



The quality headphone cases are extremely robust and strong in construction. These do not suffer from dents or bumps even when hit against hard surfaces.
The resilient nature of these cases act as a solid guard for your headphone set and those stay protected from any kind of accident fall or physical impact that can occur during your travels.



These hard shell headphone cases are extremely portable. They are made of heavy-duty yet lightweight material and also in a shape that is easy to pack for you. When you are not using your headphones it is very easy to put away the headphones into a headphone case and store it somewhere.
If you have to carry it with yourself, then also it would not give you much trouble.

Stylish Appearance

A headphone hard case comes with a very stylish and sometimes even decorative appearance.
You can pick the headphone carrying case according to your personal taste and it would add a touch of appeal to your luggage.
Not only is it a convenient carry case, it also looks trendy.


A good quality headphone eva cases is made of strong and heavy-duty eva materials.
Their main purpose is to guard the headphone set against physical shocks so they need to be strong and extremely durable.
You can expect your headphone case to last for a long time without any problem.




How to Find the Right Headphone Case – Buying Guide

After conducting research and testing different headphone cases, we found 6 important factors that you should consider while looking for a headphone case.



If you’re someone who travels often, we recommend a hard shell case that will protect your headphones from any kind of accidental damage.
Premium EVA material is a good option as it is shock- and water-resistant.
If you don’t move around as much, a cloth or neoprene sleeve might be more appropriate for you.

Also, don’t forget to check the material inside the case. The interior material should be soft and silky to ensure it doesn’t damage your headphones.



For some people, a headphone case is not just another headphone accessory but a style statement.
Therefore, the appearance and design of the headphone hard carrying case is another factor you can consider.
You can look at headphone cases that are available in multiple colors.
If you are looking for an elegant look, you can consider leather headphone hard shell carrying cases.



Another important factor to consider is how much storage the hard headphone case offers.
If you have a lot of accessories that you like to bring with your headphones, make sure the headphone case bag has enough room for everything.
Many full size headphone cases come with pockets and pouches specifically designed to store extra cords, earbuds, and other small items.


Although a headphone case will protect your headphone from damage, it’s not going to prevent the inevitable.
Eventually, you’ll have to replace the headphone case due to wear and tear or because they’re no longer compatible with new technologies that are being released.
In this situation, investing in a higher-end model might be better as opposed to purchasing multiple cheap headphone cases bag throughout the years.



Water Resistant

Another feature that’s worth looking for in a eva headphone case is whether or not it has water resistance.
This means the eva headphone case will be able to protect your sport headphones from things like rain, spills and heavy perspiration while you’re exercising.


When looking for a good headphone case, it’s important to consider how durable the product is.
Cases that are made with strong materials such as hard plastic or metal will be able to protect your headphones from accidental damage much better than those that are made with cloth or other weaker materials.
If you’re someone who travels often, we recommend investing in a more durable eva hard headphone case.


Headphone Case Maintenance And Care Tips

It is very important for you to take good care of your headphone case as the build-up of germs and dirt can be very bad for your headphones.
The headphone cases do not require a lot of care or maintenance to be true.

First, remove the headphones from inside the hard headphone case.
Take a microfiber pad or foam pad and give a careful rub to the external surface of the hard shell headphone case to remove all kinds of dust particles, dirt, and accumulated grime.
Then take a fresh pad and put some cleaning spray on it.
Wipe the external surface of the eva headphones case carefully to remove all traces of dirt.
To clean out the inner lining use cleaning spray again to disinfect the insides.
Do not spray directly onto the hard headphone case insides.
Spray onto a cleaning pad and wipe the insides gently.
Leave the hard shell headphone cases open and let it air-dry before using it again. With proper care from your end, the eva hard headset case will last you for a long time without creating any issue.





Top 10 Best Headphone Cases in 2022


Below, we’ve compiled a list of the six best headphone cases for 2022 based on the factors that we discussed earlier.

We hope this will help you make an informed decision when purchasing your next hard shell headphone case.


1, Slappa HardBody PRO Headphone Case

Slappa is an excellent brand which makes high-quality audio products.
This full-sized hardbody headphone case Slappa HardBody PRO Headphone Case (Top-pick product)will be an excellent purchase for you if you are planning to buy a headphone case for your set of headphones.



It comes with a molded hard body shell and two molded alloy zipper pullers.
The inside of this headphone case bag is lined with crushed velvet.
Despite the full size of this black hard headphone case, it is very lightweight and hence easy to carry for you.

Design and Appearance

The clamshell design with zipper gives it a stylish and attractive appearance.
The outside has a soft and subtle texture in black which gives it a sophisticated look.
There is one external loop as well to attach the carabiner clip.


The headset case material is completely waterproof and fireproof so you can hope for protection from the elements.
Also, due to the strength of the material, your headphones will be protected against physical bumps and shocks.
The plush lining on the insides protect your headphone against scratching or other issues that might arise from daily usage of headphones.



2, LTGEM Headphone Carrying Protective Case

This LTGEM Hard Headphone Carrying Protective Case is an excellent travel storage bag for a wide range of headphones from the popular brands.



This hard headphone travel case is constructed with superior quality heavy-duty hard EVA material which makes the exterior very hard and sturdy to hold out against shocks.
The zipper is smooth yet extremely strong to enhance user experience.
The interior of the eva shell headphone storage bag is soft and lined with smooth material to guard against any kind of scratches or issues to the headphone.


Design and Appearance

The headphone carrying case comes in a rounded box-like shape with an attached carry-handle which helps you to easily carry the case along with yourself wherever you go.
It comes in a sophisticated black color and the hard headphone travel case has a touch of elegance in its appearance.
The 360° zipper along with the sturdy handle makes this headphone travel storage bag a very convenient item.
You can put your headphone inside without much trouble.
The built-in superior quality villus reflects refined taste too.



The hard outer shell of this headphone travel case ensures that your headphones are always protected from all kinds of physical hits, falls, and other kinds of impacts.
Inside the fine lining will cushion the headset and prevent any kind of finer damage to your headphones.



3. Mpow Headphone Travel Case



It is made of hard, splash-proof PU leather, shock-proof EVA and Velet padding to give the headphone hard shell case unimaginable strength and structural integrity.
There is an interior mesh pocket for additional storage and also the interior is very soft and silky to touch, preventing any kind of damage to the headphones.


Design and Appearance

This eva headphone carrying case comes in a sophisticated black color with the appeal of leather and the brand name of Mpow embossed on the case.
It is of big size and has a spacious interior for easy storage of your boss headphones.
In fact, the mesh pocket will allow you to store things like cable, cash, or card.
The zipper is very strong yet incredibly smooth for the ease of your use.
The thick elastic strap will hold your headphones in place inside.



It combines a number of material and solid padding to offer good protection to your headphones against bumps, dents, scratches, accidental falls or hits.
The elastic straps keep the headphones in place and the smooth insides do not allow any kind of scratch to form against the surface of the headphones.



4. Brainwavz Universal Protective Headphone Hard Shell Case



It is constructed from a hard and textured material which is extremely protective against bumps and physical shocks.
The molded twin zip is very robust yet smooth for you to handle.
There is a removable pouch as well which helps you to store additional stuff.
It is a big sized hard headphone travel storage bag which can give the kind of protection that your headphones need.




Design and Appearance


This headphone carrying case comes in a black color with stylish red accents and looks very eye-catching.
It is spacious enough to store away your headphone neatly.
Also, there is an extra pouch for you to keep other essentials like adaptor, media player, cables, etc.
There is a velcro patch for easy attachment and detachment of the pouch.
Being lightweight and devoid of sharp edges, it is rather easy to pack this headphone travel case with yourself whenever you choose to travel.



It offers premium protection to the headsets inside from accidental falls or hits. The hard and durable case holds out well against physical impacts.
The outside is a hard shell while the inside is soft to touch and offers resistance to the headphone against issues like scratching and denting.



5. COWIN E7 Hard EVA Headphone Travel Case



This EVA headphone carrying case is made of hard-shell case which is also waterproof in quality.
The interior contains a fluffy fabric lining which is good for the headphones.
The heavy-duty construction along with the superior quality and finish make this headphone travel carrying case ideally suited for your headphones.
There is a built-in mesh pocket for you to keep your other essential things.


Design and Appearance

This hard shell headphone case comes in the shape of a rounded rectangular box and looks very sophisticated in appearance.
There is a 360° unlimited zip which makes it very easy for you to open the box and to store away the headphone set easily.
There is a convenient hand strap which helps you to carry the hard headphone travel case.
The hard headphone travel case is extremely spacious and big enough to hold any headphone of any brand or size.
Also, you can use the mesh pocket to keep things like cables, media player, etc.



The hard outer shell is protective and saves the headphone set from all kinds of physical shocks or impacts.
The soft inner fabric is protective to the headphone and prevents scratching of the surface or any kind of other problem.
The outer shell is also waterproof and hence your headphones will be protected from rain or water splashing.



6. Geekria Ultra Shell Headphones carrying Case



This eva shell headphone case is made of specially engineered ultra shell which guards your headphones from falls, hits, or other physical impacts.
The interior is lined with soft fabric and is very spacious for you to easily store away your headphones.
There is an internal mesh pocket too where you can keep your chargers, cables, adapters, and other accessories.


Design and Appearance

It comes with a nice and sophisticated look.
The headphone travel carrying storage case looks like a rectangular box with rounded edges.
The outer side is black in color while the interior is a contrasting shade of orange. The molded twin zippers are extremely strong yet smooth and you can expect to open the headphone EVA carrying case easily using the zippers.
It is lightweight and can be carried easily in your backpack or travel bags.




The hard outer shell is resistant to physical impacts and denting so your headphones will remain protected and safe.
Since the inner lining is soft, it cushions your headphones well and does not create any kind of scratching.



7. Linkidea Headphones Carrying Case



It is made of superior quality highly durable EVA material which is crush-resistant, anti-shock, and weather-resistant.
The robust yet smooth zipper enclosure helps you to open and close the hard shell headphone case easily without getting into any issue.
There is an elastic strap which helps you to secure the headphone set nicely inside the box.
Also, the mesh pocket will help to store various accessories like cables, power bank, etc.


Design and Appearance

It comes in a sophisticated clam-shell design and in a nice black color which looks very trendy.
This EVA headphone hard case is available in various shades of black, gray, and brown.
The headphone carrying case is easy to pack and you can carry it with yourself at ease.
There is sufficient space inside the headphone case so that you can keep your headphone set easily.



The hard shell is highly protective and holds out well against accidental impacts and hits.
Being waterproof and shock-resistant you can be assured about the safety of the contents.
The interior is lined with softer fabric which ensures that your gaming headset is not getting scratched or injured in any way.




8. Homvare Hard Shell Case



This headphone hard travel carrying case is made EVA leather which gives it a nice finish and also makes the shell shockproof and water repellant.
It is also equipped with 360° zipper system which is strong and smooth for the ease of your use.
The interior is lined with soft and protective inlay fabric.




Design and Appearance

It comes in a compact and sophisticated design which is appealing to the eye. Made of lightweight yet robust material it is highly portable and easy to pack.
This headphone case is available in a wide array of colors.





The hard outer shell is strong enough to hold out against bumps, hits, and falls so your headphone set will stay protected inside.
The soft and silky inner lining is a protective guard to the surface of your headphones.
Also, the outer surface is water repellant and shock-resistant, bringing enhanced protection to your belongings.





9. L3 Tech Hard Case for Headphones



The hard outer shell is made of premium quality EVA material which is highly resistant to shocks and impacts.
There is a fluffy layer of lining inside which is extra soft and equipped with anti-static properties.
It comes with a smooth yet super-strong 360° zipper which gives you easy access to the headphone carrying case.
The attached carry handle helps you to carry the headphone carrying case with yourself on your travels.



Design and Appearance

It comes in an aesthetic clam-shell design and is offered in colors of black, gray, blue, and silver.
The black variety comes with gray or black lining.
There is plenty of space inside for you to store your headphone set well and if you want you can also use the mesh pocket to store other accessories.



The hard outer case protects your headphones against denting and other physical impacts.
It also holds out well against rain, dust, scratches, scuffs, moisture, etc.
The inner lining is protective too and cushions the headphones well to prevent issues like crashing or bumping.




10. Comecase Headphone Case


The hard shell headphone case is made of premium EVA material which is shock resistant and water repellant. Also, it is covered with quality PU leather material which is soft to touch and also semi waterproof.
The interior is made of softer fabric and is silky soft to touch.
There is a removable hand strap which helps you a lot in times of travel.


Design and Appearance

It comes in an attractive clam-shell design with a superior leather finish.
This headphone case is offered in colors of rose-gold and black with red accent.
It has a stylish and luxurious look which is sure to impress anyone.
It is lightweight, compact, and highly portable.
The smooth and strong zipper will help you to open and close the headset hard travel case at ease to put away your headphone set.



The outer shell is semi waterproof and also very strong in build to prevent any kind of physical impact or accidental shock from harming your precious headset.
You can expect to get superior protection inside the hard case too which will prevent scratching and will keep your headphone away from dust, dirt, and moisture.






I hope this buying guide will help you in making a decision on which headphone case to go with.
In conclusion, the best way to protect your headphones is by keeping them in a high-quality headphone case.
A good headset case will keep your phone from damage as well as hide any dirt or dust that may have accumulated on your overused headphones.

Thanks for reading!