How do you pack a baseball cap for travel?

Ready for a holiday on a road trip to Yellowstone, or an African Safari?

Most of us are! But if you are a baseball cap collector, often carrying a lot of ball caps, how do you pack them properly without damaging your favorite ball cap?

If you don’t pack the ball caps right, they’ll end up becoming distorted in shape

Below, we’re going to take a look at how to pack black baseball caps for travel. (I like black baseball caps rather than other color ball caps)

Let’s get started!


1, Pack baseball cap in a baseball cap carrier

If your baseball cap is more rigid form, have cardboard in the brim or crown, and can be extremely difficult to get wrinkles out of, you should choose  baseball cap carrier that can hold in and protect your baseball cap well when you are traveling.

Baseball cap carrier also called hat carrier, hat case, baseball cap carrier case, baseball hat organizer bag, baseball cap holder, the carrying case for caps.

A baseball cap carrier is a type of EVA case that can be put in baseball caps or snapback caps in it, the ball hat carrier can protect the baseball cap from dust and crash or dent.

The hat case material is EVA, this EVA material is very solid, so no risk of crushing the ball caps, and the ventilation holes allow air to circulate inside.

For maintenance it’s super simple, you just need to wipe a cloth over it from time to time.

The hat carrier bag is a hat-loving travelers dream, this hat case has 4 kinds of cap cases: 2 cap carrier, 6 hat carrier, 12 cap carrier case and 24 baseball cap carrier.

If you want to know more about the baseball cap travel bag, please check my article: How To Choose Cap Carrier


2, Pack Baseball Caps in a Large Cardboard Box or Sealed Plastic Container

Pack all the purchased baseball caps in a large cardboard box or a sealed plastic container.

Make sure the cardboard boxes are corrugated, and the sealed plastic container material should be tough for storing purchased plain baseball hats, as they offer more support and can absorb more impact without breaking the shape of your fashion flex-fit cap.

3, Pack your baseball cap in the suitcase

It is the first thing that your purchased ball cap should be put in the empty box.

This is very important because you are going to be building and packing in and around the ball caps.

Also, put your plain baseball cap on the side that doesn’t have a zipper.

3.1, Stack, if you are carrying more than one baseball hat, stack them together.

Make sure you stack them together so they easily match each other. Generally speaking, stacking the caps horizontally is preferred.

This is because there will be less friction rubbing against the logo or design at the front side of the cap.

This prevents stitching from coming lose and fabrics from falling apart.

3.2, Around the bag only on the side where your hat is put some soft things. No shoes and cosmetics.

You want to make sure there is padding around it.

Make sure it is secure, but not very tight.

Move your cap around and see if it slides.

If it does add more items at the bottom.

Make sure your packing items are as high as your hat. No more and no less.

3.3, Stuff the inside of the baseball cap with little things like maybe your bathing suits, underwear, t-shirts, scarves, and so on.

I usually also put my bracelets here and wallet.

3.4, Put a layer on top! I like to place one last layer on top of the hat to seal it all in.

Typically this is a pair of folded jeans or a sweatshirt.

I like to have a barrier between the hat and the suitcase as the other side of the suitcase may have zippers and I don’t want them to destroy the hat.

3.5, Toss Dried Lavender Into the suitcase

Regardless of whether it will take you a long time to unpack your baseball caps or not, toss in dried lavender.

Moths love to lay their larvae in dark places, and your baseball caps will easily become a meal for the larvae.

While most people rely on mothballs, mothballs do contain a lot of harmful chemicals that may be irritating to your skin.

Dried lavender is just as effective, but it will do less harm.

Lavender will not irritate your skin and also smells quite pleasant.


It’s worth spending extra time to properly pack the baseball caps — especially if you happen to be an avid collector and have some rare baseball caps in your collection.



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