Advantages of wireless sports headphones

When it comes to sport, music is the perfect companion.
An extra motivation that helps us give our best.
Having wireless sports headphones is essential if we don’t want our training sessions to stop. No more wires!
True Wireless and Bluetooth sports headphones are the best choice to enjoy our favourite tracks while training.

Wireless sports headphones: why choose them

1, Greater freedom of movement

Wireless sports headphones offer ease of movement for training without any distractions.
This is essential, especially if you are one of those who go running, take long walks, or do sports such as boxing. And also if dancing is your thing!
Don’t let your headphone cables get in the way of your best performance.


Tip: make sure the wireless sports earphones you choose have the Secure-Fit system.
This technology prevents them from falling off during training.
They fit naturally and comfortably in your ear. You’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them.



2, Sweatproof wireless sports headphones

As a rule, True Wireless and Bluetooth sports headphones ensure a high level of protection from sweat and splashed liquid.
This feature is very important, because during training we can’t be worrying about the wireless headphones getting damaged as we sweat.
Remember that your headphones can also be affected by humidity when playing or exercising outdoors. For them to last longer, they should be at least sweatproof.

Tip: The watertight integrity of the headphones is measured using IP certification. So check to see if your sports headphones have this seal of quality.


3, More hours of music for your workouts

We’ll bet you are one of those who lose track of time when doing your favourite sport or exercise.
If so, your wireless sports headphones have to provide enough battery life to enjoy your music non-stop.
We all know what a hassle it is to have to charge our wireless earphones every few minutes, or to get to the gym and realise we have no battery!

Tip: always look for wireless sports earphones that offer a long-lasting charge, with a charging case to enjoy extra hours of music.



4, Headband sports headphones

These are the perfect choice for your workouts.
All you have to do is look for the right design.
Wireless sports headphones with rear headband are ideal for sports.
Whether you’re at the gym, out jogging, playing tennis, dancing…
These models attach to the ear and back of the neck thanks to a headband around the nape of the neck.
They are supremely comfortable, and offer outstanding safety and grip.


Tip: Remember that you must also have Secure-Fit fastening and sweat-protection systems when choosing this Bluetooth headphones model.
The multifunction buttons are also highly recommended for even better playback control.