How To Choose Cap Carrier

You will find many Cap Carrier Brands in the market, such as: New era, Homiegear, Lids,etc. But how to choose the hat carrier from those brands?

  • New Era cap carrier, of course, it is the NO1, and top quality cap carrier, you can find 2PK cap carrier, 6PK cap carrier, 24PK cap carrier in New Era Most cap carrier imitate the New Era cap carrier in the market.

  • Homiegear cap carrier, the same quality with New Era cap carrier, you can find 2PK cap carrier, 6PK cap carrier, 12PK hat carrier, 24PK cap carrier in Homiegear Homiegear 12PK cap carrier is unique and New Era do not have 12PK hat carrier.

  • Lids cap carrier, different shape cap carrier compared with New Era cap carrier, good quality, as far as we know, you only can find 2PK hat carrier and 6PK cap carrier in Lids

All the brands have the cap carrier advantage function:

1, Easy carry, protect your baseball hats during transport.

2, Hard shell case works great, keeps the hat shape & allows air in & out.

3, Preserve your baseball caps from being crushed when traveling this hat carrier works well.

Where to buy the hat carrier?  You can go to Amazon, Ebay, or Newera,Homiegear, Lids website to buy them.

You alos can buy the cap case in our company website, we are China cap carrier supplier, and we can provide more cheap price cap carrier product with high quality.

Remember, only choose what is proper not what is expensive!