7 Steps To Clean Leather Baseball Gloves

Baseball gloves tend to get dirty quickly because they are often used for outdoor sports. No matter you use brand glove such as wilson baseball gloves or Ordinary baseball glove.
Coupled with the fact that they are usually thrown away in the cycle between rounds, you may find that you need to clean your baseball batting gloves frequently.

7 Steps To Clean Leather Baseball Gloves

We aim to explain how to clean baseball gloves and minimize the number of times that baseball gloves are kept clean throughout the season.



1, Lightly moisten the cotton cloth. The cloth should be damp, but shouldn’t have any water dripping out when you wring it out. Baseball gloves tend to get wet, so it’s important to use as little water as possible.

2, Wipe mild soap (ivory soap) in a circular motion, and put some mild soap on the cloth. Avoid scented candles, antibacterial and moisturizing soaps because they are not good for leather.

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3, Rub the soap gently on the dirty area of the baseball glove. Use circular motion again. Clean the baseball gloves into small parts to prevent them from getting wet.

4, Wipe off the soap from the baseball gloves with a clean slightly damp cloth. For extremely dirty areas of the glove, you must repeat steps 3 and 4 several times. The key is to wipe off the dirt and not put too much water on the gloves.

7 Steps To Clean Leather Baseball Gloves


5, Let the gloves dry completely. Avoid drying it near a heated chimney or in an oven, because this may ruin the leather and reduce the life of the glove.

6, Wipe the batting gloves with a dry cloth and wipe off excess dust.

7, Repair the gloves by using the conditioner which is specially made for leather baseball gloves. This will keep the leather in good condition and help waterproof and stain resistant, and it will be easier to clean gloves in the future.

7 Steps To Clean Leather Baseball Gloves


After taking away all the accumulated sweat and grime and restore the leather to a brand new condition. Care should also be taken to store the baseball gloves properly, in a cool, dry place, preferably with a ball.

Take care of your baseball gloves, and you will be enjoying your glove for at least another baseball season!