6 most popular promotional giveaways

Why use promotional giveaways?

It’s quite simple, branding. The more people see your brand the more they will remember it. Once they are able to associate your brand with a product or service, the more likely they will become a customer.

Promotional giveaways place your brand or logo in the hands of people who may not come in contact with your business on a regular basis. These items also draw potential customers to your table or booth at conventions and trade shows.

Let’s face it, people love free stuff.

If you are looking to get your brand out into the world, try placing your logo on these customer favorites.



T-shirts are by far the most popular promotional item. According to the ASI report, 58% of US citizens own promotional shirts. This is a pretty good marketing success.

Giving away a t-shirt with your company logo, website, and contact information is like having 1,000’s of walking billboards. Imagine, someone in need of your product or service standing in line at the grocery store, behind someone wearing a t-shirt with your logo.

2, Other types of marketing apparel

Marketing apparel doesn’t stop at t-shirts. Your promotional giveaways can also include baseball caps, polo shirts, jackets and more.

These items may be on the costlier side but have great value. Say your team is set up at a conference. What better way to stand-out than having your employees wearing gear with the company logo.

It shows you are united and committed to your brand.

3, Coffee mugs and water bottles

Great promotional giveaways should also include drinkware. Coffee mugs, water bottles, and even stemware are items people reuse. Along the line of t-shirts, mugs and water bottles are often used in public spaces.

Coffee mugs are used every day by businesses to advertise their services or products. People will not hesitate to take a coffee mug to the office. Some may even leave it on their desk or in their breakrooms.

Water bottles are often a hit. Getting your water bottle in the hands of someone who works out has the potential to have your brand seen at the park or the local gym.

4, Tote shopping bag

When you are in the business of sales, packaging is very important. After making a purchase, customers leaving your store, office or event booth should do so displaying your logo.

Don’t place their merchandise in a flimsy plastic bag that says “thank you.” Create custom bags that bear your logo and company color scheme.

Reusable totes are very popular these days among those who are conscious of the environment. Someone looking to get away from plastic bags will be happy to receive your tote.

Tote bags come in lots of sizes. Large totes can be used to carry groceries, while smaller totes can accommodate lunch. They are also useful for trips to the beach.

Having your logo and information on these bags guarantees it will be seen again and again.

5, Spruce up the office with desk swag

Envelope openers, message pads, magnets, USB drives, pen holders, mouse pads and more are awesome promotional giveaways.

Whether it is the desks of your employees or those of your customers, desk swag makes great giveaways. Your logo can go on almost any item used within a workstation.

Colleges and universities often give these items to incoming students in their welcome packages. Employers find them useful at career fairs.

6, Pen

Need an effective, budget-friendly way to promote your business? Place your logo on a pen.

Pens are very inexpensive and another terrific way to market your brand. It isn’t uncommon to have someone ask for a pen and let’s be honest, most walk away from it.

The nicer the pen the more likely the user will keep it.

At conferences and trade shows it is a nice touch to pair your pens with a customized notepad. Take your promotional giveaways to the next level.

Getting your marketing material into the hands of as many people as you can increase your brand awareness.