3 Advantages Of Baseball Cap Organizer

Maybe you often store the baseball cap in shoe boxes or luggage, but it can not protect the baseball caps well when you are travelling.
Now we recommend the new product: baseball cap organizer, which can protect the baseball caps and keeping the caps clean and not crushed.

If you have the baseball cap organizer, you can carry more caps when traveling and not have to worry about how to store them
The baseball cap organizer’s air holes, the strap, and its sturdy is good quality. we thought of everything with this carrier.

For all you cap collectors this is a must

1), Large Space

The baseball cap organizer has large space.

For example, the 6PK baseball cap organizer can hold in 6 baseball caps in it, but it is much bigger than you expected, it can hold in 8 baseball caps in it comfortably and keeps them protected!

Keeping his caps clean and not crushed.

We have 2PK baseball cap organizer, 6PK baseball cap organizer, 12PK baseball cap organizer, and 24PK baseball cap organizer

2), Durable And Tough

The baseball cap organizer material is durable and tough, because the baseball cap organizer is EVA material.
EVA material is an elastomeric polymer that produces materials which are “rubber-like” in softness and flexibility.

The material has good clarity and gloss, low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties, and resistance to UV radiation.

The baseball cap organizer prevents the box from putting any pressure on the side of the hats when placing them in the box, but gives a lot of space for them to move around it while transporting (increasing the number of collisions between the hats and the sides).keeps the caps dust free

3), Lightweight and Easy Carry

The baseball cap organizercomes with a handle and a strap if you wanna carry it , and because the baseball cap organizer material is EVA, so the baseball cap organizer is very Lightweight and durable.