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I been needing cap carrier all my life, so perfect for hats. I used it on a daily basis and you can get about 7 or 8 hats in it

Michael Addenbrooke, Crowns Hat Maker Inc

This Cap Carrier is Great size, vibrant color, very well built. Thought it would take up too much space in my luggage, but it is such a great size. Perfect fit and a great investment! Highly recommend.

Paulina Kawa, Lumative Fashion

I liked this hat carrier. I bough this for my husband bc we travel a lot and he likes hit hats and is usually scared to mess up the brim. He loved it for our cruise in Miami.

Ruth Heathcock, Ebay Client

Bought this hat case for traveling so my hats don’t get smashed. Fits three hats comfortably. Seems small enough to put in a suitcase without taking up too much room. It also comes with hooks that you could probably hook it on to your carry on/backpack. Case has a hard shell too, so it seems pretty durable.

Kevin Schubert, Bull Sky Distribution LLC

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24PK Cap Carrier

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